Sensory Services:


Consultancy, Mentorship and Supervision

Rhona is an innovative therapist with a vision for driving forward best clinical practice. With additional postgraduate training in Ayres Sensory Integration® and over 15 years of hands-on experience using this approach, Rhona has in-depth knowledge and experience in sensory integration and sensory based approaches. Please contact Rhona to discuss your consultancy, mentorship, or supervision requirements.


Training in Sensory Integration and Sensory-Based Interventions

Ayres Sensory Integration® is a theory and an approach used by therapists with additional training. Created by Dr. Jean Ayres; an occupational therapist and a psychologist, she developed this approach to better explain the relationship between our behaviour and our bodies’ nervous system. We all have sensory needs, preferences, and challenges, understanding ourselves as a sensory being can help us to function at our best in the different environments that we use. Sometimes our sensory based challenges can impact on our ability to engage in everyday tasks effectively, therefore learning more about this topic and developing strategies to address the challenges can promote engagement and better success in everyday living.

Rhona provides training on sensory integration and sensory-based interventions to help improve your awareness of our senses and how they support us to function in our daily life activities. Please contact Rhona to discuss your training requirements.