“Making Moves”

“Making Moves” is a six week block of once weekly fun sensory-motor activities. Children will explore different types of movement while learning what helps to alert and calm them, this aiding their attention and concentration within the classroom setting.

The Alert Program® for Self-Regulation

The Alert Program® is a series of lessons and activities aimed at individuals who require support to learn how to self-regulate (to get to that “just right level” in order to concentrate and learn). The programme uses sensory integration theory to help individuals identify and control their arousal levels in order to function appropriately to the situational demands. The Alert Program® helps individuals to tune into their own behaviour and learn and expand the number of strategies they use to attain, maintain, and change their level of arousal (self-regulation), helping them to understand themselves and cope better with the demands of everyday life.


The Why Try Program®

The Why Try Program is a strength-based approach aimed at young people who require additional support to overcome challenges and improve their outcomes in behaviour, school attendance, and academic achievement.


“Happy Handwriters”

“Happy Handwriters” is aimed at children who are having difficulty with some or all components of handwriting including holding their pencil correctly, adopting a normal grasp, speed, legibility, spacing, forming letters correctly, and seated posture. 

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